Where? (part 1)

Tell a child that there is a monster in the room and they won’t ask “Why” but rather “Where”. I find this a curious matter because you must wonder what they plan on doing with the monster if they find him. Perhaps the most common question a child ask is “Why” but a close second would be “Where”. Many have observed that our world seems to be either denying the existence of God or asking why God isn’t acting differently than He is at present. If we are honest with ourselves most of us would have to confess that we’ve questioned God at some point in our lives. Psalms 52:1 declares: “The fool says in his heart, ‘There is no God.’ They are corrupt, their deeds are vile; there is no one who does good.” So it would appear that our deeds are what cause us to want God to disappear but perhaps the real problem is we want to forget “where” He is. A search of Scripture reveals that the righteous ask the where question but the unrighteous deny the why, so they don’t have to ask the where question. If we believe God exists, then we must ask the question: “Where is He?” It’s much to simple to say He is everywhere because that kind of simplicity brings on complacency. If we buy into the God is in everything theology, then it takes on a nonpersonal aspect that doesn’t seem to affect our behavior. It can even lead to the idea that we are god. The One True God of the Scripture is in fact everywhere but it’s more personal than that because He is always with us. Let that sink in for a moment then ask yourself the question: “Am I being lead by God or am I leading Him?”
In part 2 we will deal with what happens when God has to ask where we are.

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Melodrama of the Rose Bush

(curtain comes up as the family is family is standing in front of the homestead and memory music is playing as the REALTOR® shows up for the listing appointment)
AHHH the proverbial rose bush! A Mother’s Day gift from the children upon the announcement of the coming of the first Grandbaby. They’ve watched it grow from the time that Dad came close to having a cardiac arrest or at least an incident while digging the hole to plant it. AND WE ARE TAKING IT WITH US!! Seems like a reasonable request to me because I need the listing so we’ll just “reserve” it on the listing. It’s not hard to do, you just check that box that reads, “reserved items”.
(cheerful interlude music plays here as we market the property for a few weeks and we hear a REALTOR® saying to a potential buyer)
It states on the MLS that there are “reserved” items so I’d like to go over paragraph 4 of the offer so you understand what is considered attached to the property. You notice that there is no mention of refrigerators, washers, dryers, or curtains. These are normally the kind of items we are talking about the seller just wants to make sure, so they reserve them. However, if there is a item you are concerned about we probably want to add it as an inclusion. The buyers gleefully state they have all those items and they really love this home. They go on and on about how they feel truly at home in this house.
(serious classical music plays as on stage the REALTOR® writes an offer which is subsequently accepted by the seller and our next scene is the final walkthrough)
“Are you sure we are at the right house? It doesn’t look the same!” exclaims the buyer. Something just doesn’t feel right and finally they notice that the rose bush is missing by the front door. “Where is my rose bush?” Cries the buyer. “But we reserved the rose bush.” Responds the seller. “THIS CHANGES EVERYTHING and unless the rose bush is replanted the deal is off!” Demands the buyer. “Well WE’RE NOT LEAVING THE ROSE BUSH, so I guess the deal is off and we’re keeping the earnest money!”
(funeral music plays as the curtain comes down and two REALTORS® look confused and angry at one another)
The melodrama is loosely based on a situation that happens all too often in Real Estate. It’s known as the lack of communication. While best case scenario is to have “reserved items” removed before marketing the property it is not always possible. When it’s not possible a clear explanation of the “reserved items” should be put in the REALTOR® remarks or on an attachment. Buyers fall in love with the total package and changing one aspect of the property can affect how the whole deal looks and feel to them. Most of us don’t like drama (with or without musical accompaniment) in a transaction and a little simple communication can avoid most negative situations.
I was not an English or Drama major so there is no need to look for the errors in the story because I’m sure they are present. However, I have been a REATOR® for several years and we all know the drama presented above takes place. It’s not always a rose bush but it can always be curtailed by good communication. Disclosure is our friend and it also makes us friendlier REALTORS®. Have a Fantastic Day!


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